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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Card box

Welcome to another Wedding Wednesday, here's to crazy wedding planning and crafting! I never even thought about a card box until I saw this post with the suitcase! I loved it! And it will come in handy, some people just give you money in a card. I wouldn't have even have thought of one if it weren't for that. 

Anywho, so I added the above picture to my Wedding Board on Pinterest and just after a couple days, my wonderful Aunt June brought me a box that kind of looked like a suitcase. It has awesome handles and it's the perfect color, she said she couldn't find a suitcase but she found that, crazy!

It isn't finished yet, I think I'm going to do a map collage on the inside, not too sure yet though. Maybe pictures of us? Hmmm... I'll have to think this one over.


  1. that is really neat, it's funny you should take all of your ideas you have for your wedding and design a "how-to" book... for making it your wedding.... call it "Take it Back", it's Our Wedding"

  2. Ah. I tried to post this comment, and blogger crapped out. Sorry if you get the same type of comment twice.

    If you had photoshop.. you could take pictures of you two, and convert them to black and white... then with the editing tool, you could highlight green (like the box color) in certain aspects of the pictures... Then you could collage it.

    I love picture collages, I make unrelated pictures into scenes... making them all flow together.

    If you do not have photoshop there is a free program called Gimp.. it's sort of the same...

  3. hahaha that's a pretty damn good idea

    Kateri, I have Gimp, maybe I should play around with it hmmmm ;)


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