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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Completely designing your own Invites

We already knew we wanted to fully design our own wedding invitations, it turns out that wasn't as easy as we thought. We couldn't find a damn company that would let us design from scratch! They all wanted you to use their own designs and just put in your own wording. We wanted to use our own drawings and our own setup, not what looks like everyone else's. Nope. That's not what we wanted.

I finally came across MixBook. Here you can start from a blank card and you can order an exact amount if you want, not just a rounded number of cards. You can pick from 3 premium choices of cardstock and in too many colors to name. It took us about 3 hours to finish our card, we had to find out what we wanted first lol. But we finally finished it, 100% on our own --- BIG SMILES ---

This is just a screen grab since we won't be getting them in the mail till a couple weeks.


  1. those are wonderful... you are going to make this the best... cause you are making it your way!

  2. Thank you :) I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, but I have an addiction to designing tags and logos so this was heaven for me!


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