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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Signature Drinks

We decided to do signature drinks during our cocktail hour and reception. Mostly to save some money on booze (we are a family of drinkers :) but also to give a little twist to the drinking fun! These will be the only options for hard alcohol, but we are also supplying beer, wine and champagne. Each drink will be a color from our wedding, white, black and green. What do you think? 

The names are obviously song titles but they hint a little to the color of the drink. The drinks aren't anything too out there, but we came up with the mixtures for cost-cutting, these were as simple we could think. 

Black Hole Sun will taste like an alcoholic Coca Cola Black, anyone remember those? I used to drink them day and night, they were my favorite! But sadly they are discontinued and no one else in the US makes a coffee flavored pop right now. 

White Rabbit is simple with just vodka and coconut mix, it's like a Pina Colada with Vodka instead of rum.

Green-eyed Lady is actually something we made during our kid's bday party (just for ourselves, don't worry) when we were serving Yoda Soda and decided to see what it tasted like with vodka, freakin amazing! 

This sign will go in a pretty frame on the bar.


  1. Kind of cool! Where did you get the ideas? Are these actual drinks or did you invent them?

    I'm a wine and beer girl... mixed drinks are very foreign to me.

    They look very cool THOUGH!

  2. Well I found a couple that named their drinks after their favorite songs and thought that was so cool! I decided to do them in our colors and name them songs we loved that made sense with the colored drinks. We made up the drinks so they are simple but I'm sure there are some just like them out there

  3. They all sound lucious! Especially that Green-eyed lady.

  4. The Universe used to be the house drink at Studio 54 in the late 70s. It's lime green and kind of delicious. I make mine with Frangelico, as I can't afford pistachio liqueur.


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