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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Collecting Candy for the Candy bar

So we decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a candy bar for the wedding. I just think it's a fun thing for people to take home! Like I said before, we are doing a color theme, black, white & green. It's kind of hard to find black candy that isn't licorice flavored! But we've been going around and grabbing what we can if we run into anything. This is what we have so far, we are going to have to go looking for specific colors I'm afraid. 

For green: it's easy so we've only been picking up things as we see them on sale. I've only special ordered one thing and that was the lollipops because I liked the look of them and really wanted to have them.

Black and white isn't as easy as you'd think. I'm trying to find black things that aren't licorice, like these blackberry licorice pieces that are so dark they look black!. For white, I have some ideas, I want to get a bunch of coconut Jelly bellies and white gumballs. 

My mom realized that the coconut M&Ms were green white and "black", really they're brown, but who cares at this point! lol. If you haven't realized, I'm a bit of a coconut fan, so if others aren't, they will be truly disappointed. 

I'm painting the frames for everything right now and I'll show you the sign I'm putting up at the candy bar tomorrow!


  1. I've always wanted to do a candy bar too. Only because it's a lot cheaper and way fun! Love the color scheme of the wedding. Green and black. Can't go wrong there. Your wedding is going to be AWESOME!


    Some of them are not LICORICE flavored...


  3. Decayla: Hell yes it is! lol

    Kateri: You're awesome, thank you!


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