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Favorite Beauty Products +Routine Dec 2013

So just a little while ago I asked the question, "What do you want to see more of?" I was pleasantly surprised with the responses and the number of them! They all seem to focus on getting to know me and my life a little better, and I have to say, I'm totally flattered guys. So keep em coming!

The first one I received was, "what are your favorite makeup products and brands to use and what hairdye do you use? What is your face/skincare routine?" So, here we go onto a totally girly post. 

Let's start with the hair dye. I actually switch between two hair dyes, depending on the look I'm going for at that time. I've been red now for almost a year and I don't see me changing it anytime soon. But to keep it interesting, I actually change the color between two, so I don't get bored with it and it actually helps my hair not get darker with all of the dye. Plus, neither are too bad for my work.

If I'm feeling like I want a more Anne of green gables/Joan Holloway color I go for a more orange based dye. My favorite right now is Clairol's Color Me Vibrant in Paint The Town. It's very intense at first but after the first week, it starts to turn into a slightly more orange color and lasts a long time. But when it does, it fades very nice too. I'm at this color right now, as I'm feeling a little more mellow with the holidays. 

But if I'm looking for that bright red that could stop a car, I use Loreal HiColor Highlights in Red (actually meant for dark hair). You can only get this from places like Sally's and you need to buy developer with it too. But what I love about this is that it's permanent dye and BRIGHT! It doesn't come out on your towel like semi-permanents like Splat or Manic Panic and it doesn't fade after 5 washes. I LOVE this color, but when it does start to fade, it's almost pink(yuck and trashy). So sometimes I get tired of the upkeep and use the other that fades lovely.

When it comes to makeup though, I'm not one to stick to just one or two brands. I like specific products more than I care about the brand, although it looks like I have a bit of a trend going on with Mary Kay lately. I'll go through the ones I can't do without!

These are the only Eyeliner and Primer will use. They just work best for my skin and style.

I absolutely love Mary Kay's Eye Makeup Remover! I haven't found anything that works better than it. I've even tried making it and it doesn't compare. 

I'm very allergic to most acne/face cleanser products, especially ones with high mineral salt counts. So I can't use very many product at the same time or at all. But Burt's Bees seems to be just mellow enough to not irritate my skin but still clean it. I use my toner before I go to bed every night and after showers. 

Since I've been dying my hair red, I can't wash it every day like I used to. So I have to shower with a shower cap half the time. And if my hair is a little too oily looking on day 2 or sometimes 3, I need to use dry shampoo to keep it clean and oil-free. I'm still trying different brands, so I don't have a favorite yet. 

And I don't use it every day, but I HAVE to have it when I need it. It's the strongest holding hair spray I've found. 

And last but not least, my perfume. Most of the time, I'm actually just a one perfume kind of gal. I go through phases of trying something new and rockin it for a while, but I always come back to Burberry Brit. Plus, my husband loves it on me, so that helps.

Have anymore questions for me? Let me know, comment below!

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