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What's on your Christmas playlist?

Everyone has a tradition when it comes to holiday music. What's your flavor? Are you a Beach Boys Christmas? Or a Frank Sinatra? Or maybe even a Twisted Christmas (Twisted Sister)? I usually like to stick to the 40's-60's when it comes to Christmas music, especially Doris Day and Andy Williams. Oh, how I love Doris Day.... But this year we decided to mix it up a bit.

This year I'm adding A Very She & Him Christmas and Scott Weiland's(STP), The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Mostly because I just want an excuse to listen to them nonstop, but also to modernize my Christmas playlist a bit.

What's on your playlist?


  1. scores to films of a holiday nature... die hard, home alone, the santa clause, lethal weapon... nightmare before christmas, etc.

    1. Nice! I used to listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack constantly when it came out in that special 2 disc edition haha


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