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Music Video Month: Green Jello

I know that they are technically spelled Green Jelly now after the Jello lawsuit, but I still have my original CD that has that name on it and I will forever call them Green Jello. I remember thinking my parents were so cool for getting me that CD. Green Jello is a comedy rock group if you were unaware. Their music is juvenile in taste, poop and fart jokes but hey, it's funny! The songs are ridiculous to most, but to those of us who grew up on Green Jello(the band) it's just plain fun! From Shitman to Orange Krunch.

I was young, and this video was claymation... enough said. I'm sure most of you remember this song from that same time, but it's probably been a while. Well I'm still a sucker for claymation. Why? Because nowadays it's easier to make effects and cartoons on a computer. Claymation takes work and lots of it and you know it's real (well at least the clay is... you get me) and the effects just look ten times better. That's also why I love 80's and 90's horror movies so much that use real special effects using strings, claymation and lots of fake blood, the digital stuff just makes me cringe. But I'm getting off topic here, let's watch a damn music video...

Little Pigs

I really miss these days... but at least YouTube can do the time traveling for me! Here's some more Green Jello. 

Cereal Killer

The misadventures of Shitman

Anarchy in Bedrock

Orange Krunch


  1. i not followed then after the silly name change... not by the hair of your chinny chinny chin!

  2. Had not seen these other animated clips... cool....
    We posted of Red Rider's "Lunatic Fringe" for today's post dear Lady....


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