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Music Video Month: Guest Post; Jeremy from [Being Retro]

My favorite part about guest posts for Music Video Month has to be seeing the different tastes in music in all of my blogger friends. Music tends to affect us all in different ways and to some of us, we couldn't live without it. My dear friend Jeremy from [Being Retro] has decided to become our first guest of the month! Thank you so much Jeremy for playing along. And he is switching it up for us and sharing videos of people he's met, been introduced to and a friend's video! How exciting! So without further ado...

Jann Klose - MAKE IT BETTER [introduced]

Amanda Lepre - Slay the Dragon [met]

Lauren Santee - LET DOWN [friend directed]

If you are interested in doing a guest post this month for Music Video Month, email me ASAP so we can make sure you get a spot! 


  1. Hey that's me... you know I love being on your site and contributing anything I can... you are the best!

    1. no... you're the best! Thanks again, I love when you're on here too!

  2. He's met some amazing people over the years.


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