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Music Video Month: Primus

Let's move on to one of my favorite bands, Primus. Let's just say it, Les Claypool is just plain talented as hell. Have you seen his movie Electric Apricot? It's hilarious! My husband and I saw Les Claypool do one of his solo shows just a couple of years ago in a nice intimate bar and I was just in awe. I tried to watch his fingers as they were noodling on that bass, but it was just a big blur. So not only are their live shows just completely amazing and well done might I add, their videos are insane, different and just damn plain entertaining.

I remember when I got all their videos of the early 90's all on one tape, yes I said tape. To all you younger kids out there, it is also known as a VHS. Anyway... I remember sitting and watching all of their videos one after another with little pieces of MTV commercials tucked away in between each. I think there was also a Green Jello(Now Jelly) video and maybe a couple Tool. So thank you to my dad who gave me such great taste in music.

My Name is Mud

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Shake Hands with Beef


  1. Klay is really into Les... When ever he speaks about playing bass... LES claypool... My fingers will never be like Les Claypool's... yada yada yada.

    I wonder if he knows about the movie... hmmmmmmmmmm

    1. I fully approve of him now!!! (not that I didn't before or really have any say hahaha) That's awesome to hear!

      The movie is freaking hilarious!!! I bought it for my husband on our first Christmas, he was skeptical until we watched it. Now it's one of our favorites.

  2. i know i don't have that much... i loved mr. krinkle... it was kind of a nice song with a hidden nightmare.


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