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Month old shopping trip and a lot o' cupcakes

Just a quick post today. I realized I got a couple cupcake things and other junk almost a month ago and haven't posted any of it. Boo on me! So I thought I'd share some goodies I got. I apologize for the crappy pictures, I literally found all of these just stashed away on my phone and didn't get around to editing them.

Cupcake Erasers! These were too cute not to get, so stupid but oh well. They are about 4 inches tall, and only a dollar at the good ol' Dollar Tree, I couldn't resist. I have no idea what to do with them so I just put them on top of the fridge with the cupcake cookbook.

More damn Cupcake candles

A cupcake notepad.

Birthday cake M&Ms I bought forever ago and just remembered thanks to Decayla. I remember them tasting just like devil's food cake, pretty good, but not my favorite.

Cupcake stamp cutter, so cute! My dad found me this one, thanks Dad!


  1. :) I love all of them!

    Still can't find the M&M's... stupid East Coast... They hate me.

  2. Oh my gosh yes they taste soooo good! Those cupcake erasers are so cute! I see them but have no idea what to do with them either but you put them to good use!


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