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Send that good karma my way!

Hey all! I just applied for a job I really really reeeeeeaaally want and I'm gonna need your good wishes and vibes to help me get it! 

I've been waiting for a job that will pay enough for us to start saving up for our miracle baby. There is a bunch of surgeries that need to be done for us to even conceive. So saving money is #1 on my list right now, they aren't cheap surgeries. Plus, saving is a lot easier when your job pays you more than minimum wage. 

We've decided we need to start actively saving for these surgeries before years pass by. Then we'll need to save up for the actual baby, if they're successful. Okay, enough of that. 

Send me some good thoughts! I need them!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, not a nice or easy road to take. I know all about crappy ladybit-problems....x

  2. You've got all my good thoughts zoomin' out to ya!

  3. Good thoughts sent your way.


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