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Random Trivia:
Happily married to an early bird, but I'm a night owl, green eyes, step-mommy, Cancer (June 23rd), artist, writer, realist

Random Great Loves:
Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Bride of Frankenstein, Zombies, Clovers, Mermaids, Cupcakes

Drinks of Choice:
Blue Moon, Green tea, Rieslings

Movies are Magic:
It's a Wonderful Life, Shaun of the Dead, Slither, Brain Candy, Evil Dead, Bride of Chucky, Alice, Frankenstein, NBC,

First 10 artists to pop up on the ol' iPod:
Primus, RHCP, Snoop Dogg, Mike Patton, Cursive, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Devil Doll, MSI, Beirut

I started this blog on January 5th 2011, really just to do something new and it has done nothing but bring me smiles, confidence and the feeling of success. I invite you all to share these parts of my life I share with you!

Here's an intro straight from me:

Hello I'm Britnie, soap-maker, hobbyist, vintage lover and blogger. I love zombies and all of the multimedia that surrounds them. I enjoy the thousands of comic books we have stacked in boxes around the house. I craft because I love to create. I get inspired by nature, music, comics, antiques and usually by dark and macabre things only because I can see every beauty in them.

I'm also on the crazy adventure of being a full time step-mommy in my 20's to my crazy daughter Nora who proves everyday that children have a better sense of humor than most adults and my husband Cian who proves to be funnier than them all.

We were just married July 13, 2013 and we are taking you with us one craft at a time!

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If you want to send me goodies, Christmas cards or samples email me and I'll send you an address to get it to me :)

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